Pixie book - The story of Tiddalik the Frog

This is a digital and interactive story book for kids, a "pixie book". The project involves animation done in javascript using these characters created in illustrator. The story is based on an original aboriginal legend about a frog called Tiddalik. It is a school group project, each of the members contributing in one or more parts of the story. You see here a character development sheet with all the characters featured in the book.

I played a more significant role in creating and designing the characters that you can see displayed on this character development sheet and in providing some of the sounds and voices.  
Tiddalik the frog
Kaleen the platypus
Brian the snake
Roo the kangaroo
Wash the koala
Trixx and Trixxie the "fish-sharks" 
Kookaburra birds
Click this link: http://kons0121.keaweb.dk/Tiddalik/base.html and listen and interact with the pixie book! and play with the characters
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